Peace, Serenity, Joy, Love…these things I wish for you 🙂

Sippintea with Nat & Z

I had the great delight of being a guest on Natalie and Zarifa’s latest podcast episode! Check it out 🙂 It was an honor to be a guest on this amazing podcast with these amazing ladies 🌺🌹🪐💫✨Check it out 🤩Posted @withregram • @sippint_natandz_pod ⠀There is more to Astrology and horoscopes besides signs, planets and houses.… Continue reading Sippintea with Nat & Z

A New Chapter

If you are reading this, welcome to 2021. Rainer Marie Rilke said, “And now we welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been.” The new year really is like a blank, new page, brimming with the potential for awesomeness. Ultimately, you have the pen in your hand, and you help to write… Continue reading A New Chapter

Keys to Forgiveness

Last week, I had a lovely conversation with my mom. Thank you to everyone who watched that episode or read the blog! It was fun, but I also saw it as a meaningful way to cultivate some additional memories with mommy. She provided me with many useful nuggets of wisdom, and I will treasure those… Continue reading Keys to Forgiveness


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