The Fifth Element: Enter the Ether and Let Love & Spirit Light the Way

Greetings beautiful soul. Yes, that’s you! Thank you for joining me in this space and for reading my blog. I definitely appreciate it. Over the past several weeks, I have written about the four classic elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. I have shared some lessons from each element, and offered some suggestions for incorporating more of each element’s lessons in our lives. Most people believe that the story of the elements ends with the classic elements, but there is another very important element. The Fifth Element is not just a movie guys! It is also the most important element. It is everywhere, occupying spaces that we can’t even see. It is synonymous with “Spirit.”

This week on my YouTube channel, Celestial Goodness 1111, I go more in depth on the fifth element. Check that out here:

Getting back to the element of Spirit, in ancient Greece, some of the well-known philosophers like Aristotle felt that something was missing from the classic set of elements. There had to be something else, and so they came up with the notion of aether. The word “aether” comes from ancient Greece and means, “upper air, pure fresh air.” Medieval alchemist referred to this fifth element as “quintessence” which is literally Latin for the fifth element. It was thought to have a pure and heavenly quality. Later, scientists like Albert Einstein would observe that aether occupied the space between all things. His observations on this led to work on wave theory, the theory of relativity, and also the concept of dark matter.

Because of the nature of historical research and what has been lost to time, we can surmise that other civilizations before the Greeks had a term for the phenomenon of that which is both nothing and everything. In Eastern and other ancient traditions, this concept is also known as qi, prana, or mana. To the Polynesians, mana was the spiritual life force and healing energy that permeates the universe. Whatever the name, this is the primary energy of the universe. It is an impersonal force that resides in all things and all spaces. It is vital life giving energy. Prana is the breath and is considered as a life giving force—it is the universal force that flows in and around the body. That is why there is such a strong emphasis on prana in Hindu philosophy. If you have ever meditated, or done yoga, not only would you be encouraged to focus on your breathing, but you may have heard the Sanskrit term, “Om.” Om is the sacred sound of the universe. It is the all-encompassing cosmic vibration of the universe. Each part of the symbol represents an important aspect of reality. The Unconscious State, the Waking State, the Dream State, Illusion or Maya, and then the Absolute State—the blissful state. In that state of bliss, we are everything and yet nothing. In that state, we are unconditional love. Unconditional love is exactly what it sounds like—love without conditions. Just as prana, the ether, and this vital energy of spirit is everywhere, so is love. Love is unlimited.


The great lesson of the element of spirit is love. Ziggy Marley has a beautiful song called, “Love is my Religion.” I love to read up on different religious and spiritual philosophies. What I have realized is that at the core of most religious and spiritual philosophies is this concept of love. Not just love for self, but love for one another. To me, the fifth element of spirit has the greatest lesson of any element, and that is the lesson of love. In saying that, I believe that all of our religions/all of our spiritual paths lead to love. There is is always reference and deference to love. 

Whenever I see something crazy happening in the world, my intuitive thought is that we have forgotten how to love. Spirit and love are with us at all times even if the experiences of the world have overshadowed that. It is what we are seeking, but if we stop for just one moment, we would realize that spirit and love are constant. We need not seek for these things, they just are, and we just are. How do we remember that we are love? We need just remember to breathe. When we become conscious of the vital life energy within us, we should feel gratitude for it, and then we should seek to see that in others. 

The term, “Namaste,” means I bow to the divine in you. It is used both as a greeting and in parting. Imagine a world where we could not only see the beauty and love within ourselves, but in each person that we met? Imagine if we extended that to everything around us—the earth and all its creatures? Just imagine.

“I bow to the divine in you.”

I don’t have to tell any of you that we are in unprecedented times. Because of all of the uncertainty that accompanies most of the events that have transpired, there is a looming anxiety, a sense of fear hangs over the planet. Fear weakens us physically and energetically. The world is in dire need of people who remember themselves; what do I mean by that? The world needs people who remember that we came from love, and to love we will ultimately return. It needs people who can not only sense that love is their own essence, but who can see that love in their fellow man. We also need to extend our love to the planet, and in so doing, show our love for the future generations who will inherit this place.

My small prayer for this world is simple. To the Divine, all knowing energy that permeates through this universe, please let love show itself each day and in way in all places. Please let us remember that we are love, and so is our neighbor. Please let love lead us—in our actions, decisions, and thoughts. Please let love triumph over hate.

How can we incorporate the lessons from spirit into our lives?

1.     Breathe—there is power in your breathing. How are you breathing now? Take deep controlled breaths, and feel the energy moving through your body.

2.     Meditation and Prayer. A clear mind through meditation, and the ability to have conversation with the divine increase your spiritual muscle. Some have said that prayer is how you communicate with the divine, and that meditation is where you receive an answer. 

3.     Do something kind for someone else. Encourage them to pay it forward. There are many simple things that we can do that do not require a ton of resources. Pay for a friend’s meal. Listen as someone tells you something going on with them. Make something meaningful for a loved one. 

4.     Extend love to yourself. I encourage you to say three nice things to yourself each morning for a week. I would be curious to hear how you feel at the end of the week.

5.     Practice gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools that we have to keep us present and in the flow of good feelings. What are you thankful for right now?

6.     Do something good for the Earth. Plant something. Clean up trash. Donate to an organization that is actively doing something to care for the planet. 

7.     Connect to nature. Go outside. Hug a tree. Put your feet in the grass. Smell the air after a fresh rain. Listen for the birds. 

8.     Be open to the signs that you are receiving from spirit that life is working out. We are constantly receiving signs that things are working out. Open you eyes and your heart to receive them.

Thank you for reading this. I would be curious to know if any of these lessons have made an impact in your life? 

As you head into a new week. I will say to you, Namaste my friend. I bow to the divine in you. I hope that this week and onward that the lesson of love find you. The world needs your love right now. We need whatever essence you bring. You can make a difference right where you are with whatever resources you have. I believe in you. I love you. Have a beautiful week.

Have a beautiful week!

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