A Conversation with Mommy…

Special guest star! Mommyyyyyy

Last week we talked about leaving a lasting legacy, and so this week, I have a special surprise for all of you, and a special guest! My mom. The amazing right + left brain queen herself. So we are going to have a conversation and I hope that it will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted, and warm inside. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/yoLIfdoWUh4

For those of you who may not have a good relationship with your mom, or who have lost your mom in some way, we are both sending you an extra burst of love.

I will ask mommy some questions, and I hope that you all feel the wisdom from her words.

1)     Celestial Goodness: So who are you? LOL! Beside mother, how would you describe yourself?

Mommy:  That is a great question. I do see myself as a spiritual being having a fantastic human experience here and I think I borrowed that phrase from someone else, but I do love that. I also believe that not only am I a mother, but I am a protector. I am a historian—I have a certain historical perspective to my entire life, and I do see myself as a bridge from the previous generation to the future. 

2)     Celestial Goodness: What is something important that you feel like you learned from your parents?

Mommy:  I have learned how to be loving and caring. I have learned forgiveness—how to forgive others. I have learned to be a lover of education and knowledge, and I have learned to respect the land. 

Celestial Goodness: And in turn, I have learned those things from her. 

3) Celestial Goodness: What was the experience like for you leaving your life in Jamaica to come to the United States—especially with me, a young kid in tow?

Mommy: It was definitely a culture shock. Imagine leaving in the middle of summer and stepping right into the middle of winter. That was my initial experience. I have had to learn the culture very very fast, so that I could impart knowledge and give you a fair amount of direction.

Celestial Goodness: That’s a very Virgoan answer, and I am here for it!

4)     Celestial Goodness: What are some of the things that you are most proud of in your life?

Mommy: I am most proud of my children. I think they have been my greatest asset. They have given me strength over the years and courage, and that is the thing that I am most proud of. I think it will be my lasting legacy:

Celestial Goodness: We are proud of you too mommy!

5)     What advice do you want to share with us, your children? 

Mommy: Mainly, I would like to say, “stick together,” look out for one another, and they are to love each other regardless of what happens between them—all of you. I would prefer that you forgive and love each other. It is in love that we have the key to moving forward.

Celestial Goodness: I am glad that we get along, so that is easy advice for us to follow.

2 of Mom’s 4 ❤

6)     I know that as your kid, I always use to just see you as “mommy” and not someone going through their own life issues. What has helped you the most in surmounting life’s obstacles? Do you feel that your outlook and thinking about life and all that comes with it has evolved over the years?

Mommy: Definitely, my outlook on life has evolved over the years. I have always had a deep desire to do my best so that my offspring, that’s you guys can e better than I am. I do see myself as a foundation for better, and that has given me the drive and the strength to go on. I also love to travel and read, and these things have changed my outlook on life.  I like to question things. I do believe that sometimes I am very curious, and I have imparted some of this curiosity in my children as well. I think I have taught you guys to question things, to be inquisitive, to go out and explore. 

Celestial Goodness: I have seen that evolution in you over the years.  I feel like I have grown up with you.

Mommy: Absolutely, you have grown up with me.

7)     What advice would you give your younger self?

Mommy: I will tell you this, several years ago, I wrote a letter to my future self, in which I told my future self that everything would be fine. Getting back to your question, some things I would tell my younger self is to make the most of every experience that you have, because at the end of the day, the experiences that you have are what you will remember most. Remember that experiences matter. The decisions that you make will have an impact on you, but live your life to the fullest, and enjoy every moment!

Mommy in her younger days!

8)     What about me, most reminds you of yourself?

Mommy: Number one, you love to laugh. I think I love to laugh. I am usually a happy person. I am not as happy a person as you are, lol, but you’ve gotten some of that and then expanded it into making it your own which is great. I also believe that my love of travel. I have passed that onto you.  You have taken it to a higher level and I am proud of that. It is a great thing. Then, the love of knowledge and books. You have even taken that much further than I thought and that too is great!

Celestial Goodness:  I want everyone to know that when I was little mommy was a teacher. When she was going to work, she left me assignments to copy passages by hand from the Encyclopedia. So, your real life Encyclopedia Brown right here. 

Mommy: I also believe that I have tried to give you guys roots and wings, and I am firm believer that if you give your kids firm roots, they will come back because they know their roots. They will also remain grounded. 

9)     When and how do you think we became close?

Mommy: Well, I would say that I never thought we were never close. There were times when my role was more of a protector and director to your life and the things that you wanted to do. Sometimes those things don’t go well together. I have given you enough roots. I have to respect that you are a separate individual from me. As long as I have taught you all the things you need to be taught, you can go on your own path. I have always respected that everyone has their own path which is perfect for that person. When you grew up, we became closer and that is a good thing. But there was never a time when we weren’t close and that’s a good thing. 

10)  You have become quite the avid and brave traveler. Mommy has been to Egypt, Greece, the UK, Scotland, various Caribbean Islands, Mexico and more. What is your favorite place that you have gone to visit? Where would you like to visit when we can?

Mommy: I really love Egypt! I think it is full of history, and there is something magical about Egypt. I love the sunrises and sunsets. They are remarkable. I love Scotland—in the summer time. The summer is far different than the winter time—the lush vegetation. There is so much different type of greenery—green grass, the hills, the vales, the rocks.

Celestial Goodness: mommy and I actually took a road trip through Scotland, and we had quite the adventure.

Mommy: Most of all, I love love Jamaica. The water, the lush vegetation. 

Celestial Goodness: That’ home. Where would you like to visit when you are free to travel again?

Mommy: When I am free to travel again, I would love to visit Ireland. I would also like to go on Safari in Africa. 

11)  Is there anything that you regret not doing?

Mommy: No.

Celestial Goodness: Does mommy not have regrets?

Mommy: I don’t regret because some things that I have not done, or missed opportunities, there was always a reason for it. At the time, I didn’t know why, but later on, I realize the reason these things happen. The things that have happened in my life have created the unique person that I am today.

Celestial Goodness: Here is where I get my philosophy on regret. I don’t think we should dwell in the what-ifs but in the reality of right now. 

12)  What are some things that you are grateful for?

Mommy: If I start telling you of all the things, there would be ten session of this episode. I am grateful for my children, life, health, laughter, my family, friends, walking, the ability to breathe the air. I am also grateful for what people would call negative occurrences in life because I learned from them and became stronger.

13)  What are some of the biggest lessons that you learned in life?

Mommy: Some things that you hope and wish for that don’t work out…when they did not work out, that it is ok! Be happy about it and thankful. I have also learned to forgive because it is in forgiveness that you heal. When you forgive others you are in a better place. I believe in sister Karma, and I believe that when you forgive someone, a higher power takes care of them and you are not destroyed in the process. Love, and forgive and enjoy every moment of your life. 

14)  What is your hope for your children? What is your hope for the world? The world has changed so much this year; I think most of us are hoping that as humans we choose a better way. We talked about legacy, so what is your wish for your children and for the world?

Mommy: My greatest wish for my children has always been that my children would be outstanding citizens. I wish for them to be happy, I always say it is better that they are happy than something else. Happiness is important and it is not something that you can put a monetary value on. I believe my children have an innate strength that they came into the world with and abilities, and my wish is that they fulfill that and live out their truest potential. For the world, I wish for a just society that respects each individual, and allows each person to be the person that they came into the world to be. I wish we would respect the land, care for it, and love it. It is our home.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for joining mommy and I as we have this conversation. I hope that you may also feel inspired to talk to your loved ones about their life. May the stars shine brightly over your week, and may it be an amazing one. If you are enjoying these videos, please do like, subscribe, share, and comment. Thank you as always!

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