A Weekend to Rest :)

Hello beautiful people!

This week’s very short video: https://youtu.be/EcsGoW8zXG4

This past week was very emotionally, mentally, and to some extent physically draining for me. That compounded with a Full Moon on Thursday that made me feel soooooo sleepy omg!!! And then the Mercury Retrograde started on Saturday. Because I am constantly telling everyone to take care of themselves, I know when I also need to follow my own advice. This weekend, I am decompressing, napping, and recharging my energies. Thank you for respecting that, and supporting me in honoring the signs from my body and spirit to recharge.

Mercury Retrograde transits are excellent times for rejuvenating, resting, recharging, and just recentering mind, body, and spirit. Please take care of yourselves. The last year, and this past month have been intense. The world needs you… so take care of you! 🙂 Celestial Goodness will be back next weekend with more on the Sacral Chakra! In the meantime, please feel free to check out/ catch up on some of the amazing videos—meant to inspire and uplift the soul that are already up on my YouTube Channel, Celestial Goodness 1111. Thank you, and as always, may the stars shine brightly over your week…and may you feel rested and recharged.

Videos that may interest you:

Earthing—grounding: https://youtu.be/01RUU0L_2Qk

Mediation: https://youtu.be/ceNbAtBbJyg

Air Element and Surviving the Mercury Retrograde: https://youtu.be/PObRDbrK9xs

Gratitude: https://youtu.be/NgUz4KrlvyI