The Element of Air: Thinking things through….

The world is at an ingress—an ingress is an entry point. The word itself stems from the Latin word, “ingressus,” which also means “go in” or “to enter.” Most of us can feel it building, we know that the world has changed, never to go back to whatever it once was. But what will it become? I think the answer lies in each of us. We all have a responsibility to make the world what we would have it be. We can each visualize what that means for us and then take steps to make it so. For me, I hope for a world filled with more compassion, more empathy, more love, more joy, and just more kindness for one another.

The last few weeks we have done a deeper dive into the elements of water and earth. This week, we learn important lessons from the element of Air. Air is the sign of sunrise, spring, and new beginnings. Undoubtedly, the world—humanity is at an entry point in the process of beginning something major. What that is has to unfold, but it is my belief that none of us are here by accident. We are all here for this time because we are supposed to be. Either as witness or as participant to what is yet to unfold. 

Last week we entered into what is known as a Mercury Retrograde phase. This retrograde happening in the sign of Cancer will last until July 12th. Saturday, the 20th was also the beginning of the Summer Solstice, and today, Sunday the 21st the world will experience an annular eclipse at 0 degrees in the sign of Cancer. Whenever a sign is at the 0 degree—also known as the ingress, it is said that the sign is in a critical degree; when this happens, we can tell that something important and major is beginning.

These events are joined with four other planets and our northern and southern nodes all in retrograde. You do not have to know exactly what this mean to realize that they are all huge cosmic events on their own. Although the retrograde and the solstice are in a water sign, they hold particular resonance to the lessons of the element of Air.

As the sign of the intellect and of higher thinking, air teaches us about the power of our thoughts. We realize that it is through our thoughts that anything in our world first comes into being. Once we think it, we can create it, and then it manifests in real life. When you want to build a house, or write a story, it all comes together in your thoughts first—then the blueprint or the outline, and then you take action and it manifest in this physical plane. What are some things that you want to manifest in real life? Think about these things with love, see them clearly in your mind, and then write this down on paper. Your vision is yours alone—that is why you got it. Your vision is important, and as a great spiritual teacher once said, “You must believe it before you can see it.” Most people want to see something before they believe it, but air teaches us that you do not have to see something to know that it is real. Your visions, your dreams, and your goals are absolutely real. Believe in them, take steps to bring them into reality, and you will see them.

Going back now to the Mercury Retrograde. When most people hear the term Mercury retrograde, they clamp up and groan—oh no, my technology is going to break down, my travel plans are going to go haywire, and uh I better not sign off on anything major. Why is this? In Roman Mythology, the God Mercury was known as the messenger god. He ruled over communication, technology, travel, commerce, and luck. He was also a notorious trickster, hence why sometimes in retrograde times, it feels like someone is playing a trick on you! Mercury’s Greek counterpart is Hermes, and his Egyptian counterpart was the God Thoth or Djehuty—God of Wisdom.

I hear the complaints about Mercury retrograde all the time, and my response is always the same. Treasure the time. It is a divine gift; it is a time to seek inner wisdom. It is a time to reset and to slow down. 2020 feels like one huge retrograde actually. So, what does it mean when a planet is in retrograde motion? We speak about the planets from an Earth centric perspective. The other planets orbit Earth at a different speed than they do the Sun. When this happens, it creates the illusion that a particular planet is moving in reverse compared to Earth. In reality the planet has not changed directions, it just appeared to do this from Earth’s perspective. 

One of the best analogies that I heard for Mercury Retrograde was this. If you drive your car every day, what is going to happen? Before long, it will need service—new tires, an oil change. Humans are the same way. We also need times of rest, time to recharge. When Mercury retrogrades and we suffer delays, we are sometimes forced to slow down, to see things from a different perspective, and to rest. Most astrologers suggest that in retrograde periods we should do things that begin with RE. REST. RECHARGE. REJUVENATE. REVISIT. REMIND. REVITALIZE. The list goes on. I have had some really amazing things happen in my own life during retrograde periods. When something does not go as planned, I chuckle and ask the divine what is it that I need to see? Imagine running down a path and missing all the jewels hiding alongside the road. Maybe if you were walking more slowly you would see the twinkling and gain a treasure for your personal treasure chest.

Retrogrades also carry lessons for the signs that they fall in. In this case, both the Solar Eclipse and the Mercury Retrograde fall in the sign of Cancer, a water sign. The sign of Cancer is associated with emotions, feelings, and the need for nurturing and care. These topics may come up for you in the next few weeks. Because of the Eclipse energy, you are also being encouraged to think about what you want to see manifest in your own life. Eclipse energy can be intense, and it can bring sudden transformative change. Sometimes we are not ready for the unexpected changes that life can bring. To pull air back into the discussion, you have probably heard the phrase, “Anyway the wind blows.” Sometimes eclipses can blow your life in a new direction. I have found though, that sometimes when we think things are falling apart, they are really falling together. So, what are the lessons from air that you can use to make the most of this retrograde and eclipse season?

  1. Visualize your life and the world the way you would like to see it. Spend a little time each day picturing the life that you want. This also gets better and easier with practice.
  2. Thing about anything “toxic” in your life that no longer serves you. Seek out better air. Allow the wind in the sails of your life ship to change direction.
  3. Check in with your breath. How are you breathing? Shallow? Calm? Do you need maintenance? If so, do not be afraid to rest, to nurture yourself, to rejuvenate, and to recharge.
  4. Read any contracts or anything major that you need to sign very carefully before making your final decisions. You can sign things in a retrograde, you just want to be extra careful and make sure you understand all terms clearly.
  5. Revisit goals or dreams that have been sitting off to the side. Apply the sharp energy of air—the brilliant intellect, the wisdom, the vision, and the desire to create something. Communicate clearly what you want to manifest in the physical plane and believe that it can and will happen. 

I hope for you that this retrograde and this eclipse season sparks beautiful and necessary changes in your life. May your personal retrograde and eclipse season gems light up your life in meaningful and positive ways.

Happy Summer Solstice 🙂

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