Lessons from Water: Speaking Life into our Lives


Alexa, play Ocean sounds.

Nothing, and I mean nothing relaxes me like hearing the sound of water. Maybe this is because I was born in a hospital that overlooks the Caribbean Sea, or because I was raised next to a river that flowed out of the depths of the Blue Mountains. In every place that I have ever lived (minus a brief stint in Madrid), I have been close to a large body of water—river, lake, or sea. I never realized how important the element of water was in my life, and what water could teach me.

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There are many creation stories and mythology that showcase just how many cultures around the world revered water. A few years ago I began to learn how ancient people and cultures revered water—they knew its power, its magic, its ability to nourish and nurture us, and just how simply beautiful it could be. They assigned deities to water—powerful ones, whose legacies live on today. Many years ago, I learned about the beautiful goddess Yemaya who has roots in West Africa. Her stories traveled to the Western Hemisphere with the unfortunate enslavement of African people. The first depictions that I ever saw of her was as a beautiful, very curvy black woman. She is sometimes depicted as a mermaid. Growing up on an island, you hear myths and stories of mermaids, but often wonder. To see yourself in a figure of grace, beauty and power, is also an amazing thing. To see yourself represented is a powerful moment for the mind. Yemaya is not the only water deity. Many people have heard of Poseidon/Neptune, Oshun, Mami Wata, Nephthys, Sedna, and so many more. These stories live on because water has many lessons for us. They contain lessons of our personal power, lessons of transformation, and lessons about our ability to speak life into our lives.

Author: Dedric

The Tao Te Ching also frequently mentions water. Verses 8 and 78 are so telling and important. In the Tao, water is considered to be the supreme good. For me, it is a supreme teacher.

What did that verse mean to you? What did you glean from it?

Verse 78:

We learn from the Tao that we should flow with life…. Nothing in the world is softer than water, and yet it can take down any obstacle. Water is powerful. As human beings, we are made up of approximately 70 percent water. Our brains—85 percent. We too are powerful, but so often we forget.

When we forget our power, we make the mistake of saying things that are not true, not only about ourselves, but also others. We give energy to things that hinder us from creating the life that we desire. We say things like, “I am stupid,” or “I will never get/do/become such and such.” When we forget our power, we do not speak life into our lives. Most religions and spiritual practices talk about the power of words. In the Bible, in the book of Proverbs, Solomon said, “death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

Humans believe more in the power of words than we might even let on.

We say “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That is not true. Words can hurt. They can leave deep wounds that can take time to recover from. But words can also build us up, inspire us, motivate us, and help transform our lives.

If we hear the words, “Abracadabra,” or “Open sesame,” these mean something. To some people abracadabra is gibberish spoken by magicians, but it has roots in Aramaic and Hebrew. In Aramaic, it means, “I will create as I speak.” That is the same for “spelling.” When we spell, we put symbols (letters) together to form words that mean something to us. We are constantly casting spells with our words. What are you casting? Even J.K. Rowling recognized this concept in Harry Potter. Voldemort was referred to as, “he who shall not be named.” This is because saying his name gave him energy and power. These are all reasons why we should be mindful of what we say. Our words carry energetic vibrations that help or hinder us in creating the life that we desire.

The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto did a study on water, which he talked about in his book, “The Hidden Messages of Water.” He said that “We are water and water wants to be free. Water responds to loving and positive messages.” When we say things like, “thank you” and “love” to water, the molecular structure transforms. When we say hurtful and hateful things to water, the structure also transforms but into more chaotic and less beautiful structures. While people have tried to discredit his work as pseudo-science, this principle of speaking life is the basis for many healing modalities like reiki. Also, imagine how you feel when someone gives you a compliment, versus harsh criticism. You can feel that in your physical body. As I mentioned before, we are made up of a high percentage of water. We respond as well to love and kindness.

So here is the argument for changing how you speak about EVERYTHING. I can almost tell what is going on in someone’s world by what they talk about, how often they talk about it, and how they talk about the things that they want the most. If you are constantly saying something over and over, you are essentially casting a spell to bring more of that thing into your life. If you are constantly putting yourself down, before long you will be hunched over, bowing under the weight of your own words. If you say, love will never come, or money will never come, chances are it probably won’t. Speak with confidence about your life and about the things that you want. If it has not happened yet, be patient like water, and know that it will arrive.

Please speak lovingly to yourself. If it is hard to do this at first, you must practice. One day, one step at a time. Say these things: I am a beautiful person. I am a soul worthy of love, abundance, peace, and joy. I challenge you now to take stock of your life, and to take stock of how you speak about life. Do you talk about the things that you want as if you could get them? Are the words that are coming out of your mouth hate filled, bitter, and angry? What does your life look like right now?

My cousin recently told me that our thoughts/(chi/life force energy to some folks), actually can impact the chemistry of our blood. The body is truly amazing. You are also amazing. Treat your mind, body and soul as if you know that you are amazing. treat yourself as if you are worthy of all the good things. Start with what you allow to come out of your mouth, and what you allow to go into your mind.

That is why I believe in you. This is why I encourage you to learn the lessons of water—flow with life, and speak more goodness, beauty, love and joy into your world. You deserve it!

Playing in the river—Portland, Jamaica

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