Getting Grounded: Connecting to the Element of Earth in unsettling times…

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I am what many would call an empath. I find that I feel emotions very deeply, sometimes to the point of even feeling physical pain. To say that the times we are in have proven to be heavy would be a large understatement. Many days when I hear news or see stories while scrolling on social media, tears have come to my eyes. I have felt the overwhelming sadness of the world. To help me cope during the unprecedented times in which our lovely Earth finds itself, I have worked on seeking out the good—the better side of humanity, the stories of hope, and love. I have also been visualizing the world that I would like to see. One filled with more compassion, more kindness, more overall love. Additionally, I have been remembering some lessons from the sacred elements. This week, I will focus on the element of Earth—its lessons, and especially the importance of grounding. 

There are many lessons that come from the Earth element. It is from the Earth that I learned important lessons of life, death, and rebirth. As the Earth experiences seasons, so do we—as humans. Sometimes we are birthing something, sometimes we experience death, and sometimes something comes around again in the form of rebirth. Like the great mythological phoenix, sometimes we too have to rise from our personal ashes and start again. 

My little sister likes to remind me that after winter, must come spring.

There is also a lush abundance that we can find in the Earth. Everything is always provided for. The birds always find enough food, the plants will grow with rain, sunshine, and the minerals of the soil. We as humans tend to worry that there won’t be enough, but that is a mindset that helps to keep us from having enough. That is often referred to as a “poverty mindset.” We don’t believe that we are worthy of enough so we live in the energy of lack. The Earth, abundant, rich in resources, and beautiful in the way that it nurtures and nourishes us, reminds us that we will always be taken care of, and that contrary to what we see on TV, that there is so much to go around. When you feel unsure about that, call on Divine help. It really does work. Feel like the birds, they do not worry for they know they will be taken care of…

So let’s talk about grounding. A lot of people confuse grounding with centering. It is easy to do as they both sort of relate to getting yourself to a more peaceful and calm space. I would say that centering relates more to a place within yourself that you retreat to when the external world is in chaos. Returning to your inner sacred space helps you to remain calm, and clear headed. Centering to me is finding the anchor of your soul and returning to that place to find true and genuine peace.

Grounding on the other hand refers to a specific form of connection with the Earth. This is why grounding is also known as “earthing.” Physically grounding yourself either energetically or in nature. Why is this even important?

On the scientific end, the world we live in has lots of electromagnetic energy floating around. I am giving you the total I am not a scientist perspective lol. We know about the existence of positive and negative atoms and molecules. The earth has a high negative electromagnetic frequency, and as humans we can build up a lot of positive electromagnetic frequencies just going about our daily lives. When those frequencies build up inside of our bodies we can feel:

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Spacey, dizzy, tired, lightheaded, disconnected, like our head is up in the clouds, nervous, anxiety ridden, depressed, just imbalanced. We can also have trouble sleeping and focusing. 

Because of this, we use the earth’s frequencies to balance out our own. This helps us to get rid of excess energy and to calm and slow us down so that we can get more in touch and in tune with our external and internal world. It helps us to be present. 

There are other know benefits of grounding. 

When these things are present, you are also in a better energetic space for manifesting your dreams, and for manifesting more prosperity and abundance into your life. 

How do we ground?

Here are some tips for grounding both physically and spiritually!

  1. Go Outside. If you can, put your feet in the grass, and literally connect to nature. If you are close to the beach, put your feet in the water or in the sand!
  2. Hug a Tree. If you know me, you know I had to throw that one in! Tree-hugging it turns out is good for your health!!!
  3. Eat Earthy Foods. Anything that comes from below ground is good here. Beets, yams, potatoes, carrots, and other ground vegetables. If veggies aren’t your jam, then eat chocolate. Raw/dark chocolate from the cocoa plant is an amazing grounding tool, and delicious too!! I learned on a visit to Cozumel that it is best to have at least 70% dark chocolate if you are eating chocolate! Either way, this is a total win-win.
  4. Address issues that need to be healed. (Go to Therapy) Nothing can be healed unless it is faced. Nothing that remains unhealed will allow you true peace. Healing the things that bother you at your core is also grounding.
  5. Watch uplifting content (like my channel). Seek out things to read, listen to, and watch that make your soul soar. (Link to this week’s video).
  6. Move your body—dance/run/walk/play. Sing in the shower, sing in the car, dance in the elevator. Be free!
  7. Take a salt bath or soak your feet in salt. I recommend Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, and then adding essential oils.
  8. Drink herbal teas. Some of my favorites are ginger, lemon, peppermint, and chamomile.
  9. Utilize crystals like black tourmaline, jet, jasper and black kyanite.
  10. Garden. This is good too if you don’t have access to many green spaces. Turn your home into a green space!
  11. Take time for stillness and silence. Make time to disconnect from technology and just be. Light a candle, some incense, and just relax. Listen to the sound of your breathing and relax.
  12. Say affirmations like: a) I am safe b)I am secure c)I am grounded d) all of my needs are taken care of.
  13. Meditate. Check out my latest Youtube video for a grounding meditation.

I hope that you are able to incorporate some of these tips into your own life. I hope that you will feel grounded, secure, focused, and that happiness will always find you. I also hope that you will feel worthy of abundance and prosperity, and that these things will find you! Please let me know if any of these tips work for you!

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